The Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at An-Najah National University, organized the closing ceremony of " Green jobs and Sustainable Income Opportunities for Palestinian Female and Male Youth in the Agri-food Sector" project held at the Faculty of Law Auditorium, New Campus on Monday, 21 December, 2021.

The Project was implemented by the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine and funded by the Government of Denmark with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The ceremony was attended by Prof. Abdel Nasser Zeid, President of the University, Amb. Ketil Karlsen, Danish Representative to Palestine, Dr. Zayed Fadda, Director General of National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), Dr Azzam Ayasa, Head of Program for FAO in Palestine, Dr. Heba Al-Fares, Project Coordinator and Dean of faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, and Mr. Alaa Al-Kharouf, Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Khayat, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Mr. Mohammad Daqqa, Dean of Students' Affairs, and Mr. Khaled Al-Husseini, Director of the Public Relations Department at the University.

In the opening speech, Prof. Zaid welcomed the attendees, stressed the key role the University plays in fostering the development of agriculture with greater emphasis on environmental impact and the development of production potential in Palestine. He also mentioned that the University has been ranked 1st in Palestine, 4th ‎in the Arab World and 106th in the world in the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking 2021.

In his speech, Amb. Karlsen talked about the " Green jobs and Sustainable Income Opportunities for Palestinian Female and Male Youth in the Agri-food Sector" project, which is funded by the Government of Denmark.

He pointed out that the project aims to promote green jobs and support green enterprise development for Palestinian youth with a special focus on fostering social development, addressing gender inequalities, and stimulating local green economic growth. He added: "This will reflect into enhancing food security and social and economic stability within the Palestinian community."

Dr. Al-Fares talked about the importance of the project in building sustainable partnerships with Palestinian universities to identify female and male youth investments in high-potential agri-food value chains. Also, she emphasized on the role of the project in cultivating strategic partnerships with the private sector as the key driver of agribusiness development and government institutions as the leaders in policy-making and delivery of public goods and services that are indispensable for agribusiness development.

The event included presentations by a number of students who took part in the project to share with the attendees their experiences and opinions on the project.

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