Pododermatitis septica perfonda soilaries apaxialis OF H.R. medial claw (H.R.L III).pdf

Presenting Complaints: Lameness of right hind limb (H.R.) since a week , Decrease in milk production.

Lameness degree: H.R.LIII

Examination of medial and lateral claw with hoof tester showed pain reflex over the sole and heel on abaxial region of HR. flexion of coffin joint showed remission and pain reflex.

OP: All keratinized and soft necrotic tissue had been trimmed and removed by Flex and hoof knife, the lesion size was 4×6 cm, the lesion had been flushed with SSS, followed by lugol's iodine 10%. Topical antiseptic and antibiotic with protection bandage had been applied.

Further information at PDF file.