At 2013 both Faculty of Agriculture & Faculty of Veterinary Medicine merged together under the name Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Agriculture

Agricultural education, at An-Najah National University, began in 1986 with the establishment of the Department of Agricultural sciences, in the College of Science. In 1992, the department became a full-fledged college and the ninth in the university. In 1996 the college was transferred from the University main campus in Nablus to the new campus in Tulkarm, which is known as Khadouri. The new campus is about 14 km to the east of the Mediterranean and is one of the most important agricultural areas of Palestine.

The college campus includes an old building which was built in 1930, an experimental and educational Facilities including: dairy farm having about 50 heads, sheep and goats farm with about 150 heads of different breeds, poultry houses, an olive field of several local varieties, fruit trees orchard of different varieties, five dunums of modern greenhouses as well as open fields used for growing open field vegetables, field crops and forages. Also, a number of scientific laboratories are available for teaching and scientific research. 


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The College of Veterinary Medicine was established on the land of Khadouri, Tulkarm, in 2000, as a response to the national need for the improvement of animal health and to increase of productivity by increasing animal numbers while reducing production costs.

This college is the first of its kind in Palestine. It hopes to make significant contribution to the improvement of national income and to provide food security and safe public health.

In addition, the college is home to a number of facilities, labs, clinics, centers and units.  These facilities are used to provide training for college students and veterinarians in the private and public sectors.

The college facilities also provide services and consultancies to institutions and farms concerning animal health problems.

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