Working in conjunction with the An- Najah  National University Veterinary . Med.Dept. and the Governorate and Municipality of Tulkarm, PAL designed and developed a TNVR programme for delivery in this major Palestinian city.

In August 2015, the PAL team carried out a formal census of stray dogs in the city of Tulkarm as a final step before the project’s implementation. There are estimated to be at least 1,100 street dogs in need.

In September 2015, thanks to generous funding from Dogs Trust, five of the PAL vet team attended specialised training in Jordan on humane trap and release protocols. This course provided the team with essential skills to ensure that animal welfare remains a top priority as the new programme is put into action.

In October 2015, Dogs Trust UK generously agreed to fund the delivery of the pilot project in Tulkarm. The grant funded the construction of a dedicated preparation and recovery suite for dogs before and after surgery as well as equipment, training and public engagement activities. PAL’s “Save a Street Dog” campaign was launched at the same time in order to support the long-term delivery and expansion of the scheme following the initial pilot period.

The programme was formally launched in February 2015 . The pilot will see around 240 dogs will be neutered and vaccinated. Community engagement activities will be carried out and a low-cost neutering service for pet animals will also be offered. This is the first programme of its kind in Palestine and it is hoped that the scheme can be rolled out to other major towns and cities in the coming years.