MEDINA (Mediterranean Dietary Intervention study in Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease)          Anemia          Eggplants      

Blood lipoprotein            The Effect of Phosphorus Deficiency on Pepper           Phosphorous Deficiency

Milk Borne Disease            Milk Hygiene             Ebola              California Mastitis Test and Somatic Cells Count                                 

Sand Culture             Colibacillosis              Donkey Milk             Sand Soil Culture               Fungi             Rabies                          

HEPATITIS             Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms              Hepatitis               Sand Culture               Scarlet Fever                    

Food Additives, E-Numbers in Daily product               Water Culture               Food Additives, E-Numbers in sweetes        

Zoonoses & Food Borne Diseases             Sweeteners             Food Allergy and Intolerance            Soilless Agriculture

Avian-Swine Influenza             Food Spoilage           Avocado                 Breast Feeding vs. Bottle Feeding  

Cheese Making and Contents                Enterotoxemia             Gout             Foot and Mouth Disease             Olive Trees

Kwashiorkor                Hypervitaminosis A & D                 Lactose Intolerance                 Mastitis and Milk Quality

Mycotoxins               Skin Separation & Nutritional Value of Data  Palm            Typhoid Fever