Nutrition Research Day

21- November  -2022

Department of Nutrition & Food technology at An-Najah National University in collaboration with Juzoor for Health and Social Development are organizing a scientific event (Nutrition Research Day), 21th November 2022, at An-Najah National university new Campus. This day is the first scientific events in Palestine that focus mainly on nutrition as important cornerstone in public health.


Nutrition plays major role in human health both on community and clinical levels. Adopting healthy life style including health diet is the best prevention approach for   chronic diseases. In Palestine the research field about nutrition still empirical and the role of nutrition in the management process is relatively negligible.  Despite the fact that literature about nutrition in Palestine is limited, a high prevalence of nutrition related disorders is documented. Among these disorders:  malnutrition, micronutrients deficiency, eating disorders and obesity. In addition, the COVID pandemic has proven the importance of good nutritional status and healthy dietary habits on the immune system function and the rate of hospitalization among COVID patients.   In this vein, the importance of local events that highlight the importance on nutrition in health care and attract the attention of health care workers and policy makers about nutrition is very essential.

Targeted audience:

Non-government organizations with interest in nutrition and health, Nutritionist from the Hospitals, Nutritionist from private clinics, Undergraduate and postgraduate students form west bank universities and researchers and health care workers with interest in nutrition.


Law auditorium – An-Najah National University, new campus, Nablus.

The aims of the nutrition research day are to:

  1. Attract the attention on the role of nutrition in prevention and treatment of NCDs.
  2. Update the audience about the new findings and promising intervention in nutrition research field, local and worldwide.  
  3. Exchange experiences among the participants. 
  4. Highlight the importance of applying the  research outcome with the clinical practice.
  5. Provide an evidence-based practice for nutritionist to raise the standards of nutrition care process in hospitals and clinics.

Expected outcomes:

  1. Increase the awareness about nutrition and its impact on community health
  2. Establish bridge between the research and practice
  3. Increase the exchange and the collaboration between the universities and the health organizations.

Submission of abstract ( research papers competition)

Speakers are expected to submit a short abstract and short CV –with photo- by 10th - October- 2022. The Abstract should be submitted in word file, structured, 250- 300 words. The abstract should include: the title, authors, affiliation of the speakers and 5 keywords. English language only.

The selected abstracts will be presented either oral presentation or posters, the selected participants will be informed about the acceptance or rejection of their abstract via email on 10-October.

Oral Presentation awards ( 3 awards)

For oral presentation : the recommended slides number 10- 15 slides, 10 minuts presentation. The contents: objectives, brief methodology, results and conclusion.

Three winners will be selected.

Poster presentation award ( 3 awards)

Accepted abstracts for poster presentation, the presentation should be arranged in  A1 size portrait posters with speakers photo, clear and suitable font is mandatory.

  1. Palestinians in COVID pandemic era – focus on nutrition and dietary habits.
  2. Malnutrition in clinical settings- screening, diagnosis and intervention.
  3. Nutrition education and intervention.
  4. Micronutrients deficiency, prevalence, risk factors, needs for intervention.
  5. Innovation in nutrition research.
  6. Personalized nutrition.

Dr. Manal Badrasawi (Head of the scientific committee )


Associate Professor Nutrition and food technology department, Faculty of agriculture and veterinary medicine – Al-Najah National University.

[email protected]


Dr. Souad Belkebir (Member)

Assistant professor, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, An Najah National University.

Head of Medical Education Department, An Najah National University.

Faculty of Medicine and Helth Sciences Dean's assistant, An Najah National University.

[email protected]


Dr.DivyaVanoh (Member)

Assistant professor, Dietetics Programme, School of Health Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia

[email protected]


Dr. Rand Abu Farha (Member)

Department of Nutrition & Health, College of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of United Arab Emirates

[email protected]




Dr. Manal Badrasawi (Head of the scientific committee )


Associate Professor Nutrition and food technology department, Faculty of agriculture and veterinary medicine – Al-Najah National University>

[email protected]


Dr. Mohammad Sabbah (Member)


Assistant Professor Nutrition and food technology department, Faculty of agriculture and veterinary medicine – Al-Najah National University

[email protected]


Dr. Mohammad Al-Tamimi (Member)


Associate Professor Nutrition and food technology department, Faculty of agriculture and veterinary medicine – Al-Najah National University

[email protected]


Mrs. Rihab Sandouka (Member)


Director of Community Development Department (CDD) at Juzoor for Health and Social Development,



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Juzoor for Health and Social Development: is a Palestinian non-governmental organization working at the national level, dedicated to improving and promoting health as a basic human right. Juzoor (“roots” in Arabic) was established in 1996 by a group of Palestinian experts and pioneers in various fields, particularly the field of community health.

Juzoor tackles critical emerging public health issues, connecting prevention and intervention for the individual to the level of the whole population by addressing the social determinants of health including poverty, gender equity, political dependence, socio economic equality and education. The organization focuses on several core technical areas, including gender based violence and reproductive health rights, adolescent health, life styles and psychosocial wellbeing, youth participation and emergency preparedness through building the capacity and vision of community service providers. Juzoor serves as a technical resource for local and international organizations, developing and customizing health awareness and promotion materials, training and operational manuals and methodologies.  Juzoor undertakes research to support its interventions and inform its advocacy work for improved health and social policies. Juzoor develops national guidelines and protocols to standardize and benchmark Palestinian health care and mainstream quality of life concepts into health, education and social provision. Juzoor is a leader in continuous professional development of Palestinian health practitioners, providing quality assured training and health system development through delivery of internationally certified training courses in emergency procedures to support safe, quality health care.

Juzoor’s Comparative Advantages

  • Uses health promotion as a strategy to positively influence the cultural habits, the health behavior of individuals and communities as well as the living and working conditions that influence their health
  • Integrates human rights standards and principles into all its work.
  • Mainstreams gender into the design and implementation of all interventions and its own internal governance
  • Acts at the community level to develop protection mechanisms and advocates at the policy level against gender-based violence as a prime barrier to reproductive health.
  • Uniquely positioned to foster regional and international exchange and transfer of expertise, policy development  and best practices to and from Palestine
  • Enjoys strategic partnerships with all key stakeholders in the Palestinian health sector
  • Led by senior Palestinian health professionals, staffed by highly qualified and experienced technicians
  • Develops and delivers evidence-based, skills-based training aligned with national needs, resulting in improved access to, quality and standardization of primary and emergency health care.