"Building Personality and Skills for the Era of Knowledge and Green Technology" Workshop

Workshop about Clinical Care for Diabetes Patients

Home Safety workshop at An-Najah National University

The Second Agricultural Conference on "Food Security; Reality and Challenges".

The International Conference for Organic Agriculture.

 The Second Palestinian-Dutch Conference.

The International Year of Soil Ceremony 2015.

The Strategic Plan for Agricultural Research Workshop.

The Second Conference on Public Health at Al-Quds University.

The Agricultural Research Conference.

A Workshop on Improving Olives Production in Palestine.

A Workshop on the effect of olive picking season on the quality of the oil.

A Workshop on diagnosing and controlling brucellosis in the Middle East.

The World Environment Day.

Autism and the Role of Food and Nutrition.

Agricultural biodiversity in Palestine.

The 1stAagricultural Conference ” Agriculture in Palestine; Reality and Challenges”.

Scientific Research in Palestine, the Arab World and Other Countries.

A Workshop to discuss new topics in agricultural research.

Seeds Conservation and Protection Workshop.

The Impact of Antibiotic Use on Human and Animal Health Workshop

A Workshop on the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Human Beings