CBL, community based learning initiative focuses on engaging learners with the surrounding community. The benefits for students are invaluable. The learners get to know the target community up-close - their potential future employers. They learn to negotiate with partners, to determine and meet their needs, and to present solutions to real and complicated problems. In turn, the target community benefits by having their projects, which need much time, effort and work force, done for them by students and their teachers. Examples on such projects are Veterinary Clinic and Diet Therapy.

Veterinary Clinic II , This course covers skills related to diagnosis and treatment of diseases in different animal species referred to the Veterinary Health Centre or through field services.

Diet Therapy, Diseases that requires diet therapy (i.e. diseases of infants, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, renal system, diabetes mellitus, cases of major surgeries, burns, accidents, cancer, etc.) and role of nutrition in controlling physiological, biochemical, and clinical abnormalities; applications of diet therapy, dietetic, nutritional guidance during illness