it is my pleasure to welcome you in the faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Web site, where you will find useful information about our  various activities and achievements ,it also covers the wide-spectrum of service offered by the faculty.

This website is on a continuous update to meet the overall requirements of the times that the technology has become an integral part of our scientific and practical life.

Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine keen since the creation of its website to be informative and  rich in  data that contribute to the dissemination of the faculty's role in the various scientific, educational and research areas, and a means to communicate with faculty, students and alumni members and extends its services to cushion researchers, businessmen and owners of agricultural professions, and the link between the faculty and the community to meet the needs of the labor market with people of skill and efficiency.

Iwill be gratefull to receive suggestion from all faculty members,including the academic stahh, their assistances and all other employees, to develop faculty’s performance which will have positive impact on our educational process and services.

Dear Sons and Daughters, Students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

You are the real wealth of the country, the scientists of tomorrow, and  the leaders of the future as well as the active energy for our beloved Palestine. All of you should bear the responsibility ,and dedicate a considerable effort to achieve the welfare for you and your sons.

All of you should spare no effort in achieving the science and acquiring the scientific skills as well as participating in all student activities for community service and environment development. Finally, I wish all success for you all.