1. Preparing and qualifying veterinarians to enable them to develop animal wealth sector.

2.Conducting applied research and solving problems that arise in the field.

3. To continuously guide livestock keepers in animal health and breeding and to provide veterinary services to farm owners       through the department's Veterinary Health Center.

4. Protecting humans from common diseases and diseases transmitted from products of animal origin.

5. Finding a scientific reference for veterinary medicine in Palestine through the faculty laboratories.

6. Offering postgraduate courses to develop veterinarians in Palestine through the continuing education program.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the study programme of Veterinary Medicine, graduate must be able to:

  • Precisely apply knowledge and professional skills in veterinary medicine to maintain animal health and obtain maximal productivity in livestock. 
  • Keep abreast with recent advances in veterinary medicine. 
  • Evaluate occurring evidences sharply and accurately. 
  • Apply the concepts and methods in research and technology in veterinary medicine. 
  • Commit to continuing education, training and seeking for knowledge. 
  • Conduct oneself in a professional manner, appreciate the ethical and legal obligations of the veterinary profession and understand and apply the ethical codes within the field of veterinary medicine. 
  • Be able to communicate effectively with lay public, colleagues and responsible authorities, and clarify the important role of veterinary medicine for the individual and for society as a whole. 
  • Know the actual situation of the livestock sector in the nation, and recognise endemic and exotic diseases. 
  • Have a working knowledge of the control of zoonotic diseases and demonstrate the importance of the role of the veterinarian in safeguarding public health. 
  • Give soundly-based advice when presented with a problem related to veterinary medicine. 
  • Be aware of personal limitations and demonstrate awareness of when and from where to seek professional advice, assistance and support. 
  • Work effectively as a member of a multi-disciplinary team in the delivery of services to clients.