The Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at An-Najah National University along with three Palestinian Universities ‎participated in the "Building Personality and Skills for the Era of Knowledge and Green Technology" Training Workshop. The training was conducted virtually via zoom application for four days during the period 9-12, August 2020.

The workshop was part of   the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO)' project, which aims to support promoting green jobs and green enterprise development for Palestinian youth; in order to achieve greater access to decent productive jobs and improve employment and income opportunities.

An-Najah University was represented by Dr. Heba Al-Fares, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at the University, Dr. Tawfiq Qubbaj and Dr. Ahmed Zaazaa from the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

The project applies a participatory approach in the implementation and the involvement of all relevant actors including academia, the private sector, government and civil society. It aims to empower Palestinian male and female youth by building their capacity to create and use sustainable employment and investment opportunities in the Food- Agribusiness sector.

It also seeks to promote green jobs and develop green projects for Palestinian youth. In addition, it focuses on promoting social development, addressing gender inequality and stimulating local economic growth.

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