Professor Maher Natsheh, An-Najah President welcomed a delegation from the Palestinian Veterinarians Syndicate. The meeting was attended by Dr. Bilal Abu Hilal, Head of Palestinian Vet. Syndicate, Dr. Qais Al-Jabari, the Deputy, Dr. Khaled Nairat, Secretary of the Syndicate, and Dr. Heba Al-Fares, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at An-Najah University.

The aim of the meeting was to share opinions, thoughts and observations on future possible areas of collaboration‎ in ‎academic and research.

Natsheh also stressed the importance of ‎enhancing mutual cooperation ‎with the Palestinian Veterinarians Syndicate, building on ‎their expertise and experience in veterinary medicine. He expressed hope to support and promote education systems for sustainable development.

Moreover, he emphasized on the importance of developing a study plan based on the skills required by the labor market.

The delegation commended An-Najah's academic and research ‎developments despite the ‎difficult political and financial situations. Also, they commended the University's efforts to develop its students' ‎skills, which they ‎need for the labour market.

‎Both parties have agreed to establish a specialized training center for veterinarians. The aim of the center is to offer veterinarians specialized training courses for developing their practical skills in veterinary medicine

They also have agreed ‎that the acceptance criterion is based on students’ cumulative average of no less than 70% in the General Secondary Education Certificate.

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