The Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in cooperation with the Directorate of Education in Tulkarm Governorate, organized an educational symposium titled “Essential Tips for Caring for Indoor Plants and Good Manufacturing Practices for Food Products”.

The symposium was organized for mothers' council, school health coordinators, school principals and school environmental club supervisors.

In her opening speech, Dr. Heba Al-Fares, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at the University welcomed the attendees and talked about the importance of holding such events in strengthening cooperation and partnerships with local government institutions and civil society institutions.

Mr. Mohamed Ismail from the Ministry of Education stated that the Ministry of Education supports the events and activities that aim to raise awareness of people about a wide range of fields and disciplines.

Mr. Faisal Shreim, lecturer at the University's Plant Production and Protection Department, gave a presentation about how to grow and care for indoor plants referring to the most important components of indoor plant care which include proper watering, lighting, humidity and temperatures.

Dr. Al-Fares also gave an overview about the best types of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers, and how to prepare them naturally without using chemicals.

Dr. Mohamed Sabah, lecturer at the Department of Nutrition and Food Processing provided the attendees with basic food safety and quality during transportation knowledge, and specific knowledge on the application of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and food safety. He also talked about the factors that influence the quality of olive oil as well as Food storage methods.

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