Nutrium software for food analysis and CRM has been a collaborating company of the Department of Nutrition and Food Technology at An-Najah National University since 2019. This year, 2021, it has just renewed its collaboration, which allows it to continue its partnership with the University.

Nutrium is nutrition software for professionals to manage their business while focusing on their clients' success. As part of this partnership, students from the Nutrition and Food Technology course will have free and full access to Nutrium software's features during the course time period. This will allow them to provide a comprehensive nutritional assessment of the patient's history and anthropometric measurements, as well as create and analyze meal plans and recipes. They will be able to explore the patient's end with Nutrium's mobile app in addition to the software.

This partnership stems from the University's core belief that combining education with new technologies will improve students' learning outcomes and provide them with essential tools for their future career success.

Furthermore, the software will be integrated into a variety of models such as nutritional assessment, meal planning, diet therapy, and research.


Nutrium is the most recent web-based software with a mobile app to track the progress of clients. It combines the efforts of nutrition professionals and their clients by allowing them to track progress and compliance. ‎

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