Graduates majoring in animal production and animal health are ‎usually employed by companies of the private sector. The majority ‎of those graduated may be  Palestine Poultry Company (AzizA). ‎This company has  a large team of animal production specialists ‎who work in the feed mill, the hatchery, the slaughter house, and ‎the broiler breeder farms. Graduates from the Department of ‎animal production constitute the majority of these employees. ‎Some of the graduates are employed by project dealing with ‎livestock production in Palestine that are run by non-government ‎organization (NGO's). Graduates are also employed by local private ‎poultry facilities, and dairy cattle farms especially in Jerico and ‎Hebron where the biggest dairy farms exist. Some graduates are ‎employed by the Ministry of Education and by the Ministry of ‎Health. Others may have the opportunity to work in Arab countries ‎especially the Gulf ones like Saudia Arabia.‎