An-Najah National University, represented by Dr. Ola Anabtawi, Head of Nutrition and Food Engineering at the University, participated in the first inaugural meeting held by the Arab Youth Center in Abu Dhabi via Zoom platform.

During the meeting, the Arab Youth Center announced the members of the Council of Young Arab Researchers after the approval of its members who will undertake their duties in supervising the Arab Youth Research Platform, supporting the advancement of scientific research in the Arab world and developing the research output of young Arab minds, and contributing to directing its practical applications towards development paths. Creating future opportunities for youth in Arab societies.

Dr. Anabtawi was previously selected as a member of the Council of Young Arab Researchers in Abu Dhabi, representing the State of Palestine, along with 12 young researchers with PhDs representing 9 Arab countries to develop and promote the research output of Young Arab minds.

Arab Youth Research Council supports the publication of findings of research in various categories and subjects. The council assists in managing the Arab Youth Research platform and supports the efforts of the Arab youth in scientific research. It was launched by Arab Youth Centre.

The Arab Youth Centre launched Arab Youth Research Platform and Arab Youth Research Council. Arab Youth Research Platform is an online portal that publishes findings of researches conducted by the Arab youth. Arab Youth Research Council assists in managing the platform and supports the efforts of the Arab youth in scientific research.

The “Arab Youth Research Council” was launched in partnership with a number of Arab youth specialized in scientific research to help choose clear and promising courses for scientific research in Arab countries in the post-COVID-19 era.
The Council, which hosts a group of young Arab researchers from varied countries, aims to analyze the needs of Arab countries in scientific research, develop a priority list, contribute to promoting scientific research in Arab world, enhance scientific research agility, furnish Arab researches capable of supporting development, and boost the role of the Arab Youth Research Platform to consolidate the culture of scientific research and specialization, invest in talents, potentials and scientific capabilities, and encourage young Arab researchers to play a greater role in the development of their societies.

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