CASE 07.pdf

PRESENTING COMPIAINTS: Lameness of front left (FL)

Lameness degree: FL.LIII

30.01/2017: Examination of medial and lateral claw with hoof tester showed pain reflex over the sole, wall and heel.

Flexion and extension of coffin and fetlock joint showed no pain reflex.

Flexion and extension of carpal, elbow and shoulder joints showed pain reflex combined by crackle sound. Cow gait showed flexion of fetlock joint every steps suppose by lesion around radial nerve.

In 05/02/2017: FL after both claw investigation foreign body (nails) had been detected on abaxial 5cm cranial to the heel with present of inflammation over the sole 10cm* 5cm , the nail had been removed , all necrotic tissue where removed as will the lesion had been flushed with antiseptic followed by topical antiseptic , and antibiotic with protection bandage had applied .