The faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine is host to many laboratories and centers on our campus. In addition to Provide students an opportunity to apply and investigate theoretical knowledge through performing different techniques.These labs and centers are committed to provide quality, efficient, and affordable service to veterinarians and farmers, the livestock and food industry, and researchers throughout Palestine including testing samples from different sources and also interpretation of results as community services.

The faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine laboratories and centers include:

1-   Nutrition & Food Technology Lab.

2-  Anatomy and Histology Lab.

3-  Microbiology Lab.

4-  Parasitology Lab.

5-  Virology & Immunology Lab.

6-  Feed Analysis and Milk Hygiene Lab.

7-  Plant Tissue Culture lab.

8-  Plant Protection Lab.

9-  Plants Incubation lab.

10-  Research &Tissue Culture Unit Lab. 

11-  Pharmacology & Toxicology Lab.