Practical training for students, on the processes of how to plant tissue culture for propagation is performed  in this laboratory; where the preparation of plant media is done to be used for the cultivation of the nodes and the buds, then putting them in the appropriate temperature , humidity and lighting conditions, so that these circumstances allow for the growth of the nodes and the buds. After growth they are placed in the soil to prepare seedlings.

Among the devices, available in this laboratory are the following  :

1-  Incubator\ Versatile Environment Test Chamber.

2- LaminarFlow,Horizontal,KBM4.

3- Autoclave Tuttnuer Model 2540.

4- Fluorescent  Microscope, nikon-501.

5- Dispenser system.

6-Steam Sterilizer Tuttnauer 3870E.

7- Portable Leaf Area Meter.