This laboratory contains the devices that are characterized by high technical capacity to meet the requirements of Nutrition Department. In this laboratory, experiments and practical exercises  are conducted on the application of all procedures and tests necessary for food, in terms of safety and components and methods of manufacturing --- etc, such as food processing and storage, meat processing technology, chemistry of food analysis, meals planning, milk analyzing , food microbiology - etc. Furthermore, in this laboratory, activities by students are performed  in order to prepare some meals with nutritional benefit to the body , and to calculate the amount of calories in it, then distribute it free of charge to students. 

 Among the devices, available in this laboratory are the following :

1-Milk analyser, Milkoscope, Automatic, Julie C8.

2-TANITA High Capacity Body Composition Analyser.

3- UV-Sepctrophotometer, UV/Visible Range, 4nm SBW.

4- Hand Grip Dynamometer .  

5-Moisture Analyzer.

6-Gerber Centrifuge.

7-Digital Refractometer DR6100-T.