Experiments & practical training for students are conducted in this laboratory on the methods used to estimate the proportion (%) of protein, fat , fiber and calories in samples of feed and food, and that is done by using devices with high-tech and sophisticated , as well as performing the experiments and the process that is used to estimate (test) the milk hygiene from the physical , chemical and microbiological aspects. In addition, it can be used for performing experiments and practical exercises concerning tests of soil and irrigation, due to the readiness of the laboratory of tools, equipment and materials.

Among the devices, available in this laboratory are the following  :

1-Flame Photometer 410,sherwood.

2-Ankom 200 fiber analyser A200.        

3-Ankom Extractor, XT 10 I.

4-Kjeldahl  distillation  & Digestion system.

5-Calorimeter C 200.

6-Conductivity Meter.

7-Daisy II Incubator, Ankom technology.

8-Lactometers & Hydrometers.


10- Dissolved Oxygen Meter.